We’ve gotten a lot of questions about Attack Bandz, so I wanted to write up a short analysis of an Attack Bandz match between two Turks training before the Yasar Dogu tournament this past winter.

Andy brought attack bandz with him as he was coaching the US team, and we got some video of two of the senior level Turkish athletes going at it. From a training perspective, the main goal of the attack bandz is to enhance natural wrestling instincts and scrambling ability. This works at all levels.


These two wrestlers had never seen attack bandz before, but they launched right into the match just as intended.

To start, notice how they tie up clean and then go right for the band which gets them into their first scramble in a front headlock position.  They continue to wrestle through the front head lock and into an over under position.  They break out of that, and they have a couple of shots defended by down blocks.

Then you see a shot to a downblock to a re-attack to a shrug to a go behind.  Once the take down is secured, you can see an example of how well the attack bandz work. These wrestlers grew up in Turkey and have never wrestled folkstyle or from the “bottom” position in their lives, but once they are taken down they move into a perfect text book sitout. It comes completely naturally while using the attack bandz and he is able to escape because he never stops moving (if he stopped, the attack band would be ripped off in no time) – this is a fantastic lesson and skill for wrestlers throughout the US to understand and practice.

After the sitout, he squares up and faces his opponent. Here they continue to battle in the front headlock until the turkish wrestler secures a go behind. Once he was behind he controls the other wrestler, drops down to the attack band leg, secures it and gets the attack band rip for the win.

Notice that in just this short match they covered/practiced:

  • Shot-reshot
  • Shot-downblock
  • Downblock through by
  • Front head lock offense and defense
  • Sit out and turn in (which they learned from the attack bandz by feel)
  • Go behind to a single leg

We love the natural wrestling instincts and abilities that the attack bandz enhance and develop in wrestlers of all ages and ability levels. Get yours today to try them out and then check them out this week in Times Square at Beat the Streets – we hear there may be a few attack bandz matches out there!

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it’s reminiscent of sock wrestling,

Jun 26, 2016

Jackie Smith:

We had Danbury wrestling bags made up last year. Can you do same this year?

Nov 18, 2015

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