We're new to the block, but there are still plenty of great reasons to use Double Leg Ninja for your team's gear. We'll be releasing the top 7 this week - stay tuned!

  1. The Double Leg Ninja Ordering System: Ordering from Double Leg Ninja is simply easier. We simplify the whole process for the coach, providing a simple timeline for the entire process. We work directly with the coach on the art, and then the coach’s work is done! With our custom online store which we set up for each school, wrestlers or their parents select the items they want, input their sizes, and pay right on the site so the coach doesn't have to deal with any of that! Items can be shipped either to the school or directly to the wrestler. It takes all the hassle of dealing with sizes and collecting money off the hands of the coach and let’s the wrestlers do it themselves, leaving more time for the coach to do what they signed up for - coaching!
  2. Double Leg Ninja was built by wrestlers and for wrestlers. It was started by two  Olympians - Andy Hrovat and Jake Herbert - one still training, the other coaching. The profits from the company go to paying their rent and bills while they train. When going around the country talking to coaches we realized how hard things were for coaches, and we wanted to help. We wanted to stay in the sport. When we needed to expand, we found another former wrestler to help take our business to the next level. We donate 10% of the profits at DLN back to wrestling clubs in the US. At the end of the day, we’re all about wrestling - from keeping it in the olympics, to improving coaching, to bringing Olympic golds home to the United States, to just making sure that wrestling is growing as a sport and as many kids throughout the USA get to wrestle as possible. In the end, it’s simple: Use Double Leg Ninja, support wrestling.

To be continued!


George Poniros:

Hi Jake,
Can i have the other 5 reasons (7 Reason)

I can use this as a tool to recruit new costumers.

Best Regads and Thanks, G

Sep 23, 2014

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