Just weighed in, now getting the mind ready to go. I have a good warm up plan and my goals set for this tournament. Ready to go after 2 years of being off the mat.. I am coming back with a vengeance. 



Rey Mysterio in his entirety.- All his opeotpnns must attempt a powerbomb while he always counters, even if they never do powerbombs at any other time.- All his opeotpnns land on the second rope for a 619. Lately he’s been head-scissoring them into place, but often they just have to fall that way on their own, even though it’s yet another thing that never happens outside his matches.- The 619 is a dropkick with absolutely no weight or muscle behind it. Seriously, he’s spinning in place, people. Yet everyone has to sell it like a car wreck.- His finisher is having a 90 pound man fall on you. It takes out the Big Show.

Mar 06, 2015

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