In October 2014, Jake Herbert got a chance to do what many wrestlers and coaches only dream of.  He got to go to the mecca of wrestling in the caucus mountian in sourthern Russia and train/compete.  Due to some security measures, only a small group of Americans made this journey.  Jake Herbert, Elena Pirozhkova, Victoria Anthony, Helen Maroulis, Aaron Pico, and coach Valentin Kalika.  Jake was able to sit down during this trip with all of them and talk to them about their experience in Russia, what they hope to learn on the trip and what the Wrestling World and United States can do to continue to improve and dominate on the mat as a country. 


Big Jarv:

Great podcast Jake!

Victoria Anthony is a great representative of our awesome sport of wrestling. In this podcast, she shared that Russia is the “heartbeat of wrestling.” Are you kidding me? Moscow has made my Bucket List.

USA Gold ALL the Way!

Big Jarv

Jan 04, 2015

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