Double Leg Ninja is the end product of an idea between Olympians and wrestling Ninjas Jake Herbert and Andy Hrovat. In 2013 they set out to revolutionize the process in which custom team apparel is ordered, printed and shipped to the consumer. It is no secret both Jake and Andy are experts in the field of wrestling, but they know their limits when it comes to technology. Which is why, in 2014, they partnered with tech Ninja Steven Fisher to finalize the processes that today make Double Leg Ninja the fastest and most efficient custom apparel website in the nation.

The Double Leg Ninja Team

Andy Hrovat - A co-founder of Double Leg Ninja, Andy was a three time All American at the University of Michigan. Since graduating from Michigan, Andy has made numerous world teams, trained in Russia for extended periods of time, and represented the United States in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Beyond competition as a wrestler, Andy is a co-founder of BASE wrestling, has worked for Cliff Keen Athletic, and is currently the coach of the Cliff Keen Wrestling Club.

Jake Herbert - A co-founder of Double Leg Ninja, Jake (or the Single Leg Assassin as he likes to be called) was a four time All American at Northwestern University, two time NCAA Champion, and Hodge Trophy award winner. Since graduating from Northwestern, Jake has made numerous world teams, won a world silver medal in 2009, and represented the United States at the Olympics in London in 2012. Jake recently retired form the US National team and is currently working towards launching BASE wrestling. A leading advocate for the sport, Jake was an essential part of the Save Olympic Wrestling movement. For his efforts in bringing wrestling back into the Olympics, Jake was named to the United World Wrestling Athlete Committee to advise on the future of the sport.

Steven Fisher - A lifelong wrestler and wrestling fan, Steven became a partner in Double Leg Ninja in 2014 to help Jake and Andy organize and expand their business. Steven is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Degree in Complex Systems. He has worked at numerous technology and software start-ups is a co-founder of BASE Wrestling and State & Liberty.