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One of the major benefits of high intensity training is an improvement in body composition, particularly with respect to lean mass. As lean mass increases, the metabolic rate also increases and body fat is burned more efficiently. This directly contributes to major increases in healthy body composition, or the relative proportion of lean mass compared to body fat. Simply stated, muscle mass goes up and body fat goes down.

To take full advantage of this metabolic effect, however, optimal nutrition is essential. If nutritional choices are less than optimal, the maximum metabolic effect may never fully be achieved. Consuming high quality protein and low glycemic carbohydrates throughout the day can strongly support the metabolic advantages that occur from high intensity training. MASS was specifically formulated with these considerations in mind.

NSF Certified for Sport®

The NSF Mark on the product label shows athletes, coaches, and consumers that a supplement has met NSF's comprehensive Certified for Sport® program guidelines. This program, which focuses primarily on the sports supplement manufacturing and sourcing process, provides key preventive measures to:

  • Protect against adulteration of products
  • Verify label claims against product contents
  • Identify athletic banned substances in the finished product or ingredients

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